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How it started

This business began in the living room of my apartment in 2014 when I was still living in South Africa. In 2015 I was joined by seamstress Ilona, and we were making clothes together from a sunny studio space in Risidale, Johannesburg. 

We made pieces that have an understated edge. I guess you could call it minimalist with carefully considered details and fabrication, comfort is very important to us. We did not make ‘basics’, but to some, these became their wardrobe basics. Easily mixed in and matched with the rest of your wardrobe, pieces to play with. We produced small runs of each piece, some are one offs, some 50 units, it’s all dependant on mood (ours and yours) and the availability of fabric.

In May 2022 I said goodbye to Illona and all my super amazing wonderful fantastic customers in South Africa ( I miss you all! ) and moved all the way to Brisbane, Australia with my partner and son. I basically just got the jet lag out of the way and set up a makeshift sewing studio in my brother-in-law's garage. The urge to create was just too overwhelming. I guess this stuff is just in one's blood. 

At the moment you can shop my pieces at Practise Studio (Brisbane), Open House (Brisbane) and Shop Pond (Adelaide). 

Love An-Mari